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1.  Rhonda Saunders Links

2.  Recommended Reading Links

3U.S. Resources & Links

4California Resources & Links

5.  More Victim Resources & Links

6.  Other Resources

Rhonda Saunders Links

     Read a recent press release from Court TV on Rhonda Saunders and her documentary premiere "Reasonable Fear".

      Rhonda Saunders on Court TV Legal Cafe discusses Madonna's stalking case, Rebecca Schaeffer, John Lennon, workplace violence and protecting yourself.

     Read about Rhonda Saunders prosecuting case against Robert Hoskins the "Material Guy" who is Madonna's stalker.

     Read more on Rhonda Saunders prosecution case against Madonna's Stalker.

     Rhonda Saunders prosecutes Jonathan Norman who is Steven Spielberg's stalker. Read the Transcript of the Grand Jury Hearing - 1997.

     Here is more on Rhonda Saunders case against Jonathan Norman who is Steven Spielberg's stalker and his picture.

    "Judge slams Jeri Ryan's stalker" e-online. Read about Rhonda Saunders prosecution cyber-stalking case. Defendant Paktakhan threatens Jeri's life on the internet. Jan 18,2001


    "Star Trek stalker sentenced" e-online May 3, 2001 Read more on Rhonda Saunders cyber-stalking case, here he is sentenced to 5 years probation. (Update: After defendant Pagktakhan violated his 5 year probation he was sentenced to three years state prison.)

    Read about Rhonda Saunders case against Mark Hattan who stalked Anna Nicole Smith.

    More on defendant Mark Hattan who stalked Anna Nicole Smith

     Rhonda Saunders prosecution case against Gwyneth Paltrow's stalker Dante Soiu. Judge orders him to a locked down mental facility.

    Read about Rhonda Saunders death penalty case. Richard Poynton is convicted for stalking and murdering his wife.  (scroll down until you see California

     Rhonda Saunders prosecutes stalker Joseph Prudhomme. He is charged with stalking and making threats to Los Angeles Dodger Player Eric Karros.

     Read Rhonda Saunders article in a recent release of the Daily News "When Stars become Targets" March 24. 2004

Here is an article from USA Today where Rhonda speaks about cyber stalking and Marlon Pagtakhan's case.

     Los Angeles Magazine article "I'll be watching you" Rhonda speaks about celebrity stalking.      

Recommended Readings

      Canada's Stalking Law "A HANDBOOK FOR POLICE AND CROWN PROSECUTORS" - s 264 Prohibition of Criminal Harassment.  Read "THE LAW" and find cases supporting the elements of the law.  Also, guidelines for police investigating criminal harassment and victim information.

     "Woman did everything right - to flee stalker killer" Read about Margaret "Peggy" Klinke's story.

U.S. Resources & Links

     The Nations Law Enforcement Site. Search by state and county police departments, sheriff's offices, and other law enforcement agencies.

     Department of Correction Agencies by state.

    The National Center for Victims of Crime Search stalking laws in your state, court cases, and lots of other info on stalking for the states.

     Here you can find prosecuting attorney's, District Attorney's, Attorney General & US Attorney's across the nation, including international agencies. Updated June 9, 2003.

    Click here for the latest Homeland Security news, alerts, threats or for emergency planning information.

California Resources & Links

     California Department of Corrections (Click on facilities to find locations in California)

     California Department of Corrections - Parole Division, Region Locations

     Locate Sheriff's stations in California. 

     Anti-Defamation League Law Enforcement Agency Resource Network

    California District Attorney's Association includes contact information for all District Attorney's and many features, such as training and publication offerings and a Multimedia Productions section that includes a Threat Assessment Video and Threat Assessment Guidelines.

More Victim Resources & Links

     California Domestic Violence Shelters Hotline Numbers by County

     California Restraining Orders - Protective order in Criminal Proceeding, Emergency Protective Order, Civil Harassment, Workplace Violence, and Domestic Violence.

Los Angeles Community Development Dept. - Domestic Violence Shelter Based Operations projects provide or facilitate emergency and/or transitional housing beds and supportive services exclusively dedicated to survivors of domestic violence and their families.
Domestic Violence Courtesy of the LAPD Pamphlet - There is no excuse for domestic violence.
CalWorks - Dept. of Public Social Services - Domestic Violence what does it mean?Plus more shelter hotlines.


Other Resources


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